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Killer ID 2.1.0 update - UI improvement

Killer ID, SAML based SSO solution for Google G Suite, has enhanced a few designs to improve usability.
1. Revamp of Login Page Design
The Google Login page for KillerID has been simplified.
Regardless of screen size, the company logo is resized which allows users to easily log into the account by entering their email ID and password.
2. Password Policy Change
For enhanced security, the password setting has been adjusted to require at least 8 characters from the existing 6 digits which can be set to include special characters in order to provide a more secure user password.
3. Updated Profile and Admin Page
You can now change your password and profile information on the profile page by checking "Login with Admin Mode or My Profile" on the KillerID login page and signing in.
Administrators are able to update their profile now on the Admin page.
4. FIDO Key Management Support on My Profile Page
You now have the option to change your 2-step verification on the My Profile page. You can activate a two-step authentication (beta) or add a U2F FIDO Security Key for stronger password authentication.
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